educating property investors.
Meet the Team

Jackie Reeves and Mark Lloyd

Jackie and Mark have been business partners for over twenty years with business experience in a number of different market sectors.

After first venturing into property with an overseas purchase in 2006, their first UK Buy-To-Let was not until July 2009 at which time they decided to sell their existing business to become full-time property investors. The sale of their business completed in March 2010, by which time they had immersed themselves in learning everything they could about property: attending training courses and investing heavily in their property education. Jackie and Mark have implemented all of the strategies they learned – and more – which has enabled them to build a large cash-flowing portfolio, so they know what works.


Valerie Cheong Took

Valerie is a life and business coach. She has gone through various career transitions (stockbroker, investment executive, project director and self employment). She has also worked as an expatriate. She had no family and friends when she first arrived in Tanzania. It made Valerie determined to use this opportunity of making new friends, learning a new language (KiSwahili) and growing her professional network.

As a coach, Valerie works with people in transitions: making career changes or relocating to a new country. Valerie coaches her clients on managing stress, uncertainty, goals setting, conflict resolution and working in multinational teams (relationship management across cultures) . She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), British Complementary Medicine Association and is a CFA charterholder. She is also a Reiki teacher and shares her wellbeing knowledge with her clients.



Paul Merrick

Paul Merrick – PMA Consultant

Paul is a serial entrepreneur, having established his first property company, Braidcrest Ltd, in 1998 and now runs a number of successful property businesses with a mixed portfolio of commercial, retail, industrial, residential and greenbelt. The income generated from his property portfolio means that he no longer needs to work but he continues to do so because he loves property, and he loves sharing the expertise he has garnered during his years in the property industry.

One of the keys to Paul’s success is his belief that people are the most important aspect of establishing a successful property business and that it is essential to build a team of professionals who have a like-minded approach and the expertise to enable you to grow.

Paul’s passions are property, business, personal development and education. He has coached and mentored a wide range of people from school pupils to national charities and as such he is in regular demand as a keynote speaker and mentor.